About HR LINK Group?

HR LINK Group, Inc. is an established organization within the industry for over 26 years. We are a consulting firm dedicated to providing business solutions to Fortune 500 & 1000 clients. We help companies with their IT initiatives. Our resources have the required skills and expertise combined with extensive business background in a variety of industries.

HR LINK Group, Inc. gives you expert services needed to get the most out of your business investment. No matter how big or small the project is, our involvement is based on your unique requirements. From full implementation to streamlined support, we provide the custom services you want with the experience you need.

Why HR LINK Group?

We have created a global network of consultants. This network enables us to reach better results working with a high quality and experienced team. We have local consultants in Latin America, United States, Canada and Europe.

Our approach is centered on a consulting model that minimizes overhead and provides the most value to our clients. Wherever possible, we choose to offer fixed price consulting project work, thereby delivering transparency and predictability to our clients. When you have experienced talent to leverage, this approach is seamless. We focus our delivery with scalable consulting teams that are the right size to meet the needs of the organization and the effort. This provides us the ability to identify and own controllable pieces of work to deliver on time, on budget and most importantly, with value.

Our core service offering is to establish standalone value to our clients by providing an assessment of their process and technology landscape. When you leverage the experienced leadership teams of HRLG, we will identify and drive significant savings within your organization. Whether it’s within a technology program or project, or a supporting technology organization, our experienced teams will execute.

Know Our Solutions

We are an ERP and Digital Transformation consulting practice providing highly skilled with former Big 4 consultants, experienced in ERP and Digital Technologies, that align business and technology strategies, with execution, to solve complex business challenges.

We are not an outsourcing commodity service focused on providing low cost work, nor are we a large company charging premium rates by offsetting true professional services work with outsourced labor.

We fill a skill gap in ERP and Digital marketplace between strategy and commodity services at a cost lower than other consulting firms for like skill-sets and solutions.

We run lean and as a result, can attract, retain, and grow top talent through better compensation, work-life balance and culture.

We are passionate about our clients and deliver services with a model that focuses on quality, value, listening to our clients, and developing long-term mutually beneficial relationships.